Saturday, July 18, 2015

Vixen cartoon looks pretty damn promising!

Are we gonna get some of that Young Justice magic back with this? Or maybe even a Bronze Tiger and or Amanda Waller appearance along the way?

Premiers August 25 on CW Seed

Monday, June 22, 2015

Suicide Squad Convergence, worth the read if . . .

 . . you find it for free on youtube which I happened to by chance last night. I had no idea what this whole convergence shit with DC was but based on these two issues I guess it has to do with some sort of old and new DCU cross over. So we do get to see some of the classic Squad but it's pretty scant on development. They did a descent job on the plus size Waller but we get far too little of old DCU Bronze Tiger, Poison Ivy and Count Vertigo. Bronze Tiger gets one line and Vertigo doesn't say a thing in either issues. Too much of the writing was spent on DC characters they already use frequently in the new DCU in particular Deathstroke and Deadshot. Kinda mediocre art work for both issues. Nice try DC but I'm still not spending any of my hard earned income on your new comics.

Convergence Suicide Squad 1 and 2

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Finally some new fan art from The Squad of the old DCU

Awesome sketch art by guinnessyde
I dunno about the rest of you but it's just fucken Harley Quinn over kill for the past couple of years now. So sick and tired of seeing nothing but "Suicide Squad" cosplay or fan art piece with Harley and a giant mallet or baseball bat. This is aside from my over all disdain for the false DCU it makes me not want to bother with looking for cool Suicide Squad related stuff to post any more. And lately all this shit from the upcoming movie has been saturating the net. I know I'll see the movie at some point but like with the new Star Wars movie I refuse to get caught up in all the hype. Any ways, this morning I just gave it a shot and looked for some stuff and as luck would have it I found this. A damn good sketch from The Ostrander era Squad, that's a potent combo.

Friday, May 29, 2015

False God, false Universe

Left click to enlarge
I'm sure by now most of you have seen that Batman Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer with that scene of the Superman statue with the "False God" graffiti right? It made me think of this panel from Checkmate 24 (2008) in which Superman teams up with Checkmate in order to take down a Kobra plot. Fuck the new DCU for having some cheap Kobra knock off (Basilisk) instead of the real thing. The New DCU, a false universe.

Suicide Squad 30 (1989)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The splash page that's in your face

I recently came across the final issue of this 6 issue mini-series in a $1 box.  As a result I was giving the whole series another look this past weekend. Can't believe I forgot about this page in issue 2. I'm posting it here because it begs to be shared with all of man kind. In particular that portion of mankind that doesn't get laid much.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Justice League Throne of Atlantis review

I was planning on buying it this weekend when just last night I discovered the latest DC animated feature was already on youtube in the form of a series of videos making up a total of 6 parts. So, the 3 or 4 of you reading this here's what I thought of the movie. In a nut shell it was a sequel to Justice League: War wrapped in an Aquaman origin story line. Before you read on this review is really intended for people who have seen the movie not because I have spoilers but because it will make better sense if you have.
Overall it wasn't a bad movie and it entertained me for the most part. Did it have the epic grandeur of Justice League Flash Point? The character development of Batman: Under The Red Hood? Or the entertainment value with it's dialogue and action as seen in Batman: Assault on Arkham? No, not really but that's not to say it didn't do a decent job of developing the individuals of The League such as the budding love affair between Superman and Wonder Woman and Victor Stone coming to terms with his life as a cybernetic organism. And of course we get to see more of the usual smart ass quips from Green Lantern along with some adolescent male humor provided by Captain Marvel. The Mera character was something of a surprise as a supporting role for the heroes that I liked and as for the villains . . Orem and Black Manta I would describe as adequate.
As for Aquaman himself they did a fairly good job with him as an origin story although there was some shit that annoyed me like a knife shattering against his skin as if a knife is made of a brittle material that would break like that. His journey as someone with a mixed heritage with a mystery back ground to becoming part of The League was handled fairly well I especially liked how he was a booze hound at the beginning of the movie. The high point of the final battle was definitely the way Aquaman defeats Black Manta although the battle it's self was otherwise . . . standard and kinda under whelming. On a high note the post credit scene of Lex Luthor visiting Belle Reve certainly intrigued me.

Part 1

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Suicide Squad article from 2008 BACK ISSUE magazine

BACK ISSUE magazine from TwoMorrows Publishing is a fairly recent discovery I've made only as of late last year. I love how they have old copies of their magazines easily available for free to read online. The commentary on the second page of the article was pretty funny but you can read this entire Suicide Squad article at this link  . . .