Friday, January 22, 2016

OK I have to admit this new Suicide Squad trailer has me a bit more enthusiastic

I coincidentally stumbled across this new trailer that I have to admit has me a bit more interested in this movie. I'm not going to get into a long winded explanation about what makes it cool aside from the trailer playing to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody I think that should be pretty self evident for any one who has any familiarity with The Suicide Squad. I enjoyed the trailer and that's it I haven't bothered watching any of the reaction videos of fan boys rambling on with endless speculation about every little fucken thing in each frame of the uploaded trailer video. I mean chill out, the movie won't be out for almost another 8 months. It doesn't change any of the issues I have with the movie but maybe they just won't matter quite as much to the point where I will be able to enjoy seeing it.

It was actually some movie news pertaining to Dawn of Justice I was looking at when I by chance discovered this new Squad trailer. I just learned that the woman that's going to be playing Wonder Woman is Israeli actress Gal Gadot. I think it's kinda ironic that the actors playing Superman and Batman are not Jewish even though the characters were originally created by Jews where as the actress playing Wonder Woman is Jewish even though the creator of Wonder Woman was not.  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Luke McDonell Suicide Squad commission fan art 2014

Found this on Comic Art Fans last night. It's seldom that I find some fan art from this era of The Suicide Squad it's too bad I didn't find this in time to feature it for the first day of 2016. In case anyone was wondering I still could care less about the DC relaunch and it goes with out saying I don't follow it whats so ever including whatever is going on with the so called Suicide Squad these days. As for the upcoming movie, not really following the hype I'm content to see how it turns out when it hits theaters. Probably gonna play it safe with a matinee.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Suicide Squad spoof you never saw coming

Got this from my buddy Randy a couple days ago who knew I would find this interesting. From the pages of Excalibur written by Chris Claremont. I'm guessing Claremont or whoever that worked on that title was a fan of The Squad and or The Amanda Waller character. Of all the postings anywhere on the internet about The Suicide Squad I know you damn well never saw this coming.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Millennium Week 4 with The Suicide Squad

Any of you remember the late 80s DC 12 issue maxi-series Millennium? It was similar to Marvel's Secret Wars II in which it was it's own title but also crossed over into just about every DC title at the time including Suicide Squad issue 9. So tonight I was browsing at this Millennium TPB at a discount book store after work and came across a couple pages of unknown (at least to me) clip art which is actually a prelude to Suicide Squad #9. I took a couple of pictures of this page with my iphone for your viewing pleasure.

What a pleasant surprise, a real nice way to end my day by getting to read some Ostrander era Squad stuff I previously was unaware of. On the this page the Squad is informed that their going to be transporting a bomb to the Manhunter's fortress in the Bayous. Slipknot and Boomerang initially refuse to take part in the mission upon which they are informed that not only are they going to go but also will have to wear explosive bracelets. And if you want to see how that worked out in Suicide Squad # 9 you can have a look here . . .

Monday, October 26, 2015

Suicidal Tendencies with Shadowpact

Shadowpact 10
Left click to enlarge

So I was in LA this past weekend and found a really cool comic shop (Golden Apple Comics) where I picked up some Shadowpact back issues (1,2, 9 and 10) from their $1 discount back issue boxes. Between having some former Squad members (Nightshade and Enchantress of course) on the team and with my growing interest in Ragman I've been meaning to check out some Shadowpact stuff for a while now.
Those issues were a good read I'll be on the look out for more. Aside from just the all around good writing I liked the some what subtle Suicide Squad reference in issue 10. And on some what of a side note I went ahead and grabbed a copy of Checkmate 10 which guest starred Shadowpact. In that issue Checkmate enlists the aid of Shadowpact to counter act a magic based ritual process that Kobra uses to expose Checkmate and other government agencies infiltration attempts. . .

Friday, October 2, 2015

Ragman and The Hayoth team up fan art

Left click to enlarge
I've always been a fan of the Israeli meta human team know as The Hayoth who first appeared in the pages of The Suicide Squad and would later be seen in The Specter and Checkmate in the old DCU. But more recently I've been getting into the Ragman character since having read some stuff with him (Ragman Suite of Souls one shot and Day of Vengeance #1)  I've found in back issue discount boxes. DC has other Jewish superheros like Atom Smasher and Batgirl but what I liked about these particular characters is that their powers and identity as heroes centers around Jewish lore and mysticism. 

Oct. 3rd Update: 
I decided to add this clip art of Ragman in action from Day of Vengeance #1 (2006). Something interesting I learned about Ragman's suit in this issue is that the new souls that are collected often try to resist helping Ragman when called upon. Kinda think of it as a new prison inmate who hasn't learned the rules yet and think they can act like they're still on the outside. Well we know how that eventually plays out.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

"...and then he suggested I could have a job only after I gave him one."

Yep that's actually a line in episode 1 of Vixen. Talk about an animated show with an edge! So apparently CW Seed isn't a TV cable channel it's some sort of CW network site. And the new Vixen series are actually just these 5 minute long mini episodes. So far 6 have been produced and depending how successful they are Vixen might become a live action show which I think would suck (pun intended) just like every other comic book based TV series out there. I say just make it a full length 30 minute episode animated series and leave it at that. Anyways, loved the first episode top notch writing and animation can't wait to see episode 2